Our History:

Lemonbay Soap Company started as a hobby in 1999. Just a tired nurse looking for an hobby on her days off. By 2002 it became a small store in Englewood, Florida. When the King family discovered Lemonbay Soap Company they fell in love with the soaps. Every time the King Family went to the soap shop they reminded the owner if she ever wanted to sell the shop that the King family was always interested in buying the business. On a bright sunny day in 2006 the owner called the King family and stated that she wanted to sell. The family then got together with the owner to discuss this. In a matter of hours we had negotiated the sale of Lemonbay Soap Company. So now the King family, who has an extensive background in business, began making Lemonbay Soap Company the fun store it is today.

Lemon Bay SoapThe products are top of the line and are made right here at the store front in Englewood, Florida. Each member of our family plays a very important role here at our little shop. Dan has perfected our special formula for our coconut moisturizing cream so that it is the best for dry skin. Judy spends so much time and effort each day to make sure our products are explained to the customers so that you can get the best results for your skin. Troy works in the back making the soaps and products perfect for the customers, and Ginger is always trying to come up with a new and improved product like our whipped sugar scrubs. We as a family have grown with this business and work hard to inform our customers about the benefits of our products.   Every year Lemonbay Soap Company grows bigger and better, thanks to our customers and community. We also enjoy expanding our product line to meet the needs and wants of our customers, and make Lemonbay Soap Company a household name.

The King Family