Soap Savers

Soap Savers



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Soap Savers are a great invention! You can slide a bar of soap in them and use them as a Bath Pouf! They’ll gently exfoliate and they create TONS of bubbly lather. You can also put your little slivers of soap in them. You know–the ones that are too small to hold but you just hate to throw them away. This is your answer! Soap Savers will let you use up all those little slivers of soap till they’re all gone.

These are really nice Soap Savers too. They have a wrist strap with a bead theat slides up and down on it to lock the soap inside the bag. There are no rough edges sticking out. These are soft and pliable and last a long, long time. Toss them in the wash every now and then to freshen them.

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